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Unlike comic book artists, comic book writers have no original art or commissions to sell. What we do have are photocopies or printouts of many of the comic book scripts, series proposals, and book manuscripts that we've written. In my case, that includes stories for a wide range of characters, from Superman and Green Lantern to Archie Andrews and Scooby Doo...including some unpublished comic book scripts featuring Hawkman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, and Superboy. Please see a list of what is available, below.

I will happily personalize and autograph any script so please indicate how you would like me to sign.

I also have limited copies of comic books and books I have written or featuring stories I have written. These are also available personalized and autographed.


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All characters and titles are trademark and copyright by their respective owners. I do not sell any scripts before the stories have been published, except in the case of scripts that have been written off and will never see publication. These scripts are solely for entertainment and educational purposes. No rights to reproduce or publish this material in any manner, shape, or medium is attached to the sale and are not mine to grant.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Superman Online Animation Script

In 2001, I made my first, and so far, only, foray into animation for an online Superman series produced by Brilliant Digital Entertainment. The stories and scripts were being sourced by the good folk in DC's own digital department, so I was able to get in on the fun.

The Multipath Adventures of Superman (which was also released on DVD-ROM and is available for viewing online, I believe, but only on PCs) worked like this: each 6-minute  episode (usually 6 per storyline, of which there were 11 or 12) allows the viewer to make a choice on which way the action will go at several critical junctures of the story. Choose correctly, the story continues. Incorrectly, you could actually kill Superman or Lois! Of course, you then went back and made a different choice to allow the story to continue, but it was a fun interactive experience and the animation was, for the time, not shabby.

I wrote the 11th series, "When Titans Am Clashing!" The story involves Darkseid and DeSaad of the New Gods messing with Bizarro in their eternal quest to spread evil and destroy Superman. The script features all 7 episodes (they let me do a bittersweet little Bizarro epilogue episode to cap the main story), including all the different "choose your own" alternatives, 72 pages of manuscript in all.

SUPERMAN ONLINE ANIMATION Script...........................$40.00

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