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Unlike comic book artists, comic book writers have no original art or commissions to sell. What we do have are photocopies or printouts of many of the comic book scripts, series proposals, and book manuscripts that we've written. In my case, that includes stories for a wide range of characters, from Superman and Green Lantern to Archie Andrews and Scooby Doo...including some unpublished comic book scripts featuring Hawkman, Green Lantern, Supergirl, and Superboy. Please see a list of what is available, below.

I will happily personalize and autograph any script so please indicate how you would like me to sign.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

POWER GIRL Series Proposal, 1987

A glance behind-the-scenes of what it takes to sell a comic book 1987! I had a long association with Supergirl in the days before Crisis on Infinite Earths. In the post-Crisis world Supergirl had been retconned out of continuity, leaving behind two unpublished scripts for a 'new direction' series, the first issue of which was penciled by Eduardo Barreto and lettered. Ditto, by the way, for a never-published last issue of The New Adventures of Superboy, and two scripts for his 'new direction,' the first of which was penciled by Carmine Infantino--both features were to appear in a 48-page monthly, DC Double Comics.

Alas, Crisis killed that dream...

So when it came time to give Power Girl her post-Crisis retcon, she was handed to me, partly because I was the girl-Superman-character writer (yknow, 'cause of Supergirl...honest!!), and partly because Power Girl creator Gerry Conway had conceived of using my magical character, Arion and Atlantis, to replace her Kryptonian origin. PG and I were together, sporadically, into the 1990s, when I was writing her feature in Justice League Quarterly. I also wrote a 1987/1988 Power Girl miniseries, the proposal for which still exists, and copies of which are now available. It's 5-densely packed pages of type, a cover sheet, plus the 3-page outline for the miniseries that ultimately came of the proposal, which includes a few of my hand-written notes, probably scribbled during discussions with editor Bob Greenberger.

POWER GIRL Series Proposal, 1987.............$10.00

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